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Episode 19 | The Emerald City (Morality & Strength) - LUCENTREE

Episode 19 | The Emerald City

Ever wondered how powerful it is to be connected to the land of your Ancestors? Learn a diverse tribal perspective on morality and strength, as it pertains to humanity. Listen right now, and discover, how to find empowerment in any situation. So, put on your ruby slippers, because we got some walking to do…

Season 1 is a serial style podcast. So, please listen in ascending order from Episode 1 to Episode 21. If you can listen to the episodes in this order, you’ll appreciate the intended experience.

 I compose these podcasts from my heart and memory, and it takes me awhile to get the content the way it needs to be, so thank you for your patience. After you give this episode a listen, if you can please tag this post and share the content with your friends and relatives, I would greatly appreciate it.



Meet the Podcasts

Both versions of the podcast have their own purpose, it really depends on your energy, as to which one you want to listen too.

An American Indian drinking coffee from a red cup

Coffee with an Indian

Also referred to as: CWAI

My listeners are often lumped into the millennial realm, but that isn’t always the case. We have audiences in every age group: our people are intelligent, spirituality expressive, and often looking for greater community connections. Our subscribers are searching for energy and introspection, and they desire transparency, that crushes pre-existing frame works of what might be considered proper or common place; and they find it here. Although this is the "Clean-Version", it's not to be taken lightly, you've been warned...

cwai, is the moderate version of the podcast. it's edited to remove explicit content (the pg-13 show)

Coffee with an Indian Black and White

Coffee with an Indian_Black

Also referred to as: CWAI_Black

CWAI_Black is revolutionary. This is a subscription based-community for intellectually forward, freethinking spirits, who value diversity and inclusion. I’ve strategically engineered and solidified my identity—as a voice for the common Indian—and this version of the podcast, exemplifies a truth, and originality that has never been told before. This is the "Dirty-Version" of the podcast, you're gonna love it...

cwai_black, is the extended, r-rated version of each and every episode. exclusively on patreon

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When you Like & Share our podcast (episodes) across social media platforms, it helps us to build our audience and visibility. (1) Follow us on all social media platforms: @lucentree, (2) Tag 7 people that you know, who would love what we're doing, and (3) Sharing our posts, episodes, and pages, gives others the opportunity to learn about tribal perspectives: our communities, identities, cultures, and world views.


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Your ability to Rate & Review our content helps our podcast by elevating our ratings, which in turn helps with our visibility in search engines and social media algorithms. (1) The most beneficial of the Rate & Review Process is on the Apple Podcast Platform, (2) Rate, by leaving some stars (5 please!), and (3) Review, by posting a sentence or two. This takes a few minutes but means a lot to us.


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When you become a patron of CWAI_Black, it helps us significantly. I write, record, edit, produce, market, and manage the entire podcast all by myself, I always have. Your financial support allows for the opportunity to work on more podcast projects, purchase hardware, and pay for subscriptions to keep the podcast up and running. If being a patron ain't your thing, you can always donate to the cause in other ways!


American Indian man wearing a black suit with a red shirt and red tie standing in the Nevada desert

Is a Northern / Southern Paiute - Western Shoshone, CEO / Problem Solver of Lucentree, LLC; Tribal Community Leader; American Indian Spirituality Scholar; Practitioner of Great Basin Custom(s) and Culture(s); the Creator or Mahkwuhoo (Guided Meditation); and Host of the Coffee with an Indian, Podcast.

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