Episode 1 | Ground Zero

Welcome to Coffee with an Indian, I’m BB, your Host and Resident-Indian.  You are now about to listen to a brilliantly composed tribal narrative, in a way that has never been done before on any podcast. Have you ever wondered what it’s like living on a modern Indian Reservation? Have you ever had to make something out of nothing? Are you ready for a unique and complex story, filled with struggle and spirit? We’ll you’re in luck because here it is.

Season 1, is a serial style podcast. So, please listen in ascending order from Episode 1 to Episode 21. If you do this, you’ll get the best experience.

First and foremost, I compose these podcasts from my heart and memory. After you give this episode a listen, if you can please tag this post and share the content with your friends and relatives, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you all for your time and consideration.



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