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Learn About Lucentree and Our Amazing Projects - LUCENTREE

Hi, I’m BB

The ceo / problem solver of lucentree, LLC

A Native American man wearing a red shirt and a buffalo robe

My name is Brian “BB” Melendez: I’m a Northern / Southern Paiute – Western Shoshone, Community Leader; American Indian Spirituality Scholar; Practitioner of Great Basin Custom(s) and Culture(s); Creator of Mahkwuhoo (Guided Meditation); and Host of the Coffee with an Indian, Podcast.

Thank you for your willingness to learn about Lucentree. For nearly two decades, my personal journey to explore the depths of tribal spiritual self-determination—for the purposes of solving modern community problems—has produced the most remarkable fruit. Lucentree, LLC is that bounty which I hope to share with the World. My strategy is to offer a uniquely revolutionary perspective, by teaching the value of introspection through meditation, mobilizing communities in the greatest need, and helping our leaders to be the best that they can be. As a former Tribal Legislator, Law Enforcement Officer, and Federal Operations Officer for Indian Affairs; I can say from vast experience, and with confidence…that I know a few things.

a white tree with five red horizontal lines of paint on the trunk

Why the name lucentree?

I wanted something that represented the things that I love and strive for.

Lucentree, is a combination of words. Lucent which means to glow or to give light, and Tree, to represent the Tree of Life. The color red represents simplicity and ceremony. The color white represents truth and destiny.

a bright tree - Lucentree

A screenshoot the Coffee with an Indian Podcast from Apple iTunes

How Much Do You Really Want to Know?

If you really want to know about what's happening here—in the greatest detail possible—please listen to the Coffee with an Indian, Podcast. Start your journey at Season 1 (in ascending order), beginning at Episode 2 and working your way to Episode 21.

If you do that, you’ll know almost everything there is about me and the core of Lucentree, LLC.

learn about

bb & lucentree

A prayer that I've been saying for years

Grandfather, Grandmother, Creator, Makers-of-all-things: let the People that need to find us, find us...and let the People that never need to find us, never let them find us...

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cups of coffee drank last year

countries that download the coffee with an indian, podcast

amazing people who've taken my meditation workshops

years on my spiritual path & engaged in my culture

I actually have a degree

I started this business

In Criminal Justice & a Master's in Justice Management

Some stuff you need to know about me

After leaving the Bureau of Indian Affairs in 2018

Nothing makes me happier than

My favorite TV Series

A bald American Indian Man smiling and drinking cold brew coffee with Reno Nevada

Being with all my family

Game of Thrones

I'm obsessed with

I’m addicted to

Coffee & Tacos

Watching woodworking videos.

My best friend

My perfect hobby

The Ghost of Cheetah

Hiking & Gardening

Kind Words

I have participated in many of Brian's Mahkwuhoo (Guided) Meditations. What Brian has to share is potent, powerful, and pierces right through the BS. I look forward to anything Brian has to share through social media or in person. It's time we wake up to ancestral knowledge and what Native Tribes tried to teach us long ago before those teachings were greatly stifled. We are fortunate to have a man like Brian, to shed light again, on the truth we seek.

Michelle Renee

Jason Hill

We all need good relatives in our lives. We all need that one person who will never give up on us, will always encourage us and show us unconditional love. Brian is that kind of guy and that good relative. From meditation, to public speaking, or trainings, I would not hesitate to hire or recommend Brian.

Where Do We Go From Here?

In this moment, as a global community, in our current state of affairs, we require a spiritual revolution to get us to where we want to be. I’m here to help out with that forward moving energy.

pouring latte art in cup for a cappuccino

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