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Native American Spiritual Wellness - LUCENTREE
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American Indian Spirituality Scholar

depi nana: northern / southern Paiute - western shoshone

If it's really about the People and the Land, the Spirit will always be there.

When I think of spirituality, wellness, identity, community, and connection to the land, I think of being of service. My philosophies, practices, and understandings come from real life practical experiences. At Lucentree, we offer a unique tribal perspective, to enhance the global quality of life for all, by sharing our applications of spiritually, community unification, and the protection (and preservation) of nature. From we’re we stand, spirituality is a thinking person sport and to be good at it, you got to be willing get your hands dirty. If you’re open minded to participating in forward-free-thinking forums than this is the place for you. Our objective is simple; to walk with spiritual self-determination before our Ancestors, in order to leave this place better than when we found it. Please be aware, that we hold a no right-way or wrong-way methodology towards accomplishing these goals.

Hungry Valley Rules

Lucentree is our contribution to the common good. The thought of leaving this place, without giving our children options, wellness and kindness, and opportunity, isn’t something that we’re willing to do. You don’t have to like what we do or why we’re doing it. Our objective is to break longstanding generational curses, remove burdens, and empower ourselves to do great things. We didn’t get here by accident or because we were lifted above others. We got here because we knew in our hearts and minds that we would do whatever I takes to maintain our culture—our way of life—and a connection for our children.

Growing up on the Hungry Valley Indian Reservation, I always questioned why things were the way they were for us. It’s taken more than half of my life to understand my purpose and the answers to those pivotal questions. I want to thank my community and my family for shaping me in fire and ice, because without them, I would be nothing. I want to be the first declare that I am a flawed, imperfect human being; that what I share, teach, support, and encourage comes from a place of love and care. I believe that we all have a great responsibility to each other, and that as Indigenous Peoples, we have a part to play in re-balancing the planet.




We are tribal spiritualists, which means we believe that everyone needs to contribute to the common good. We strengthen people to be of service, not to be self serving and individualistic.

We're committed to helping individuals succeed at finding their wellness, harmony, and connection back to the land, and their responsibility to others


We come from tribal communities. Our efficacy and objectives are always meant to benefits our respective nations, our sovereignty, and our unique cultures, customs, languages, and connections to the land of our Ancestors

We do the best we can to honor our heritage, our ways of life, and the lives that we were born into that we didn't choose. We honor all parts of ourselves in order to do the best possible work. We live and die by our communities, that's our way.


We recognize that we all come from different people, and from different lands. What we can't get from our living relatives, we get from the ones on the other side. In the most respectful manner, we're asking the Spirits to teach us how to live in a good way.


We believe that the spirits of our Ancestors guide us on our paths.

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Do you work with Non-Natives?

Who gave you the authority to do what you're doing?

I work with anyone who is willing to be of service to the common good, the preservation and protection of nature, the uplifting of civil and human rights, the empowerment of historically marginalized peoples and anyone who has care and consideration for the struggle of Indigenous Nations. I work with people who care; people with open minds and open hearts. I value expansive community building and networking towards sustainability. I believe in being a bridge for all people.

I believe that all people have gifts and talents. I believe that some of these people will commit to beautiful causes. I am on my path, and have been on my path for close to two decades. I don't know everything about my culture, my language, or our one does. Like many others before me, we learned from dancing, singing, praying, putting our blood in the dirt, and suffering for answers. My purpose is to be of service; the only authority I have, is how I use my time and energy.

How is your version of spiritually different than others?

Why are you sharing our culture?

We come from reservations, from the cities, from the desert, from the mountains, from the woods, we are modern, we are unorthodox, we are young, and we're old enough to change the world. What we do is earth-based, grounded in community, and culture. We dance in the sun and under the moon, with red paint on our bodies. We are Great Basin People, Some of us are Anishinaabe. Some of us are Mohawk. Some of us are Purépecha. We're part of the Starvillage Family, we're Indigenous, and we don't f*** around.

In these uncertain times, our beliefs systems have the power to re-connect humans back to the earth: I truly believe that. Many of our prophecies tell us that one day there will be hardships and a change in the way we've been living. I'm dong my best to empower and support all of our tribal brothers and sisters out there, who need to care for their own tribal communities. It doesn't matter how remarkable our ways of life are, if we lay back when we're need the most. We can share ourselves safely, with tact, and discretion, without losing anything. Our nations are beautiful, be proud of that!

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