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Leadership Coaching and Mentorships - LUCENTREE

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First Time Elected Officials

Emerging Leaders

Professional Development

A distinguished Native American man wearing a suit and holding a Pendleton Blanket

Leadership coaching


When it comes to leadership, there's very few easy answers or quick fixes. If you can learn to mentally prepare yourself for a hard and rewarding life, you'll thank yourself later. One way or another, growing into the person you want to be, and living out your true destiny, is going to require you to invest in yourself, and others.

Having the realization that you need additional support, encouragement, and someone to hold you accountable, is a professional evolution.

Not everyone will have the desire (or bravery) to improve their productivity, learn new skills, and advance to the next stage of leadership. Personal and professional growth can be scary but if you're ready to embark on an uncomfortable journey of self discovery; with moments of frustration and embarrassment, and heavy doses of honesty, care, and consideration; than you're in the right place.



The ability to clearly understand, implement, and manage one's emotions in constructive and positive ways, in order to communicate effectively, empathize with others, relieve stress in a health manner, and overcome obstacles or conflict.


Emotional Intelligence is an essential variable to professional and personal victory.

The ability to cognitively engineer thoughts, allowing individuals (or teams) to create opportunities, goals, and new ideas, by utilizing rational thought techniques to influence long term success.

Strategic Thinking is essential to analytical reasoning, problem solving skills, and diplomacy with confidence


The ability to carry yourself in such a way that allows everyone else the opportunity to see that you are in charge and capable of leading other people by inspiring confidence

Executive Presence is mixture of personal traits and outward behaviors; creating the image of competency without arrogance.


The ability to communicate with others (using hard and soft skills), in order to give and receive information effectively and efficiently; through messages that are passed through a series of signs, symbols, and observations.

Social Skills are people skills, this is how we communicate and convey meaning to what we see, hear, and understand in our environments.



Greater Influence is having the ability to advocate for the common good, the opportunity to create positive and lasting changes, and being a healthy role model. Learn about genuine care and the ego.

The ability to powerfully effect the development or behavior of something (or someone) by indirect or intangible means of expression.


Kind Words

I have participated in many of Brian's Mahkwuhoo (Guided) Meditations. What Brian has to share is potent, powerful, and pierces right through the BS. I look forward to anything Brian has to share through social media or in person. It's time we wake up to ancestral knowledge and what Native Tribes tried to teach us long ago before those teachings were greatly stifled. We are fortunate to have a man like Brian, to shed light again, on the truth we seek.

Michelle Renee

Jason Hill

We all need good relatives in our lives. We all need that one person who will never give up on us, will always encourage us and show us unconditional love. Brian is that kind of guy and that good relative. From meditation, to public speaking, or trainings, I would not hesitate to hire or recommend Brian.


What are your rates?

How do we get started?

My fee for service, as it pertains to 1 to 1 sessions, is $150 per hour, for the first 12 months. After the first year, the fee for service is reduced to $100 per hour (this is the homie discount). Once we get past 24 months (2 years of collective work), you will receive a fixed rate of $75 per hour.

First, you'll send me an email with your contact information and I'll contact you using the information you provide to me. The consultation is absolutely FREE, and will be conducted using the Zoom platform. Once we lock down a date and time, we will visit virtually. You will tell me what you want in life and I will explain my process. If our energies align, and we both reach a mutual agreement, we can get started right away.

Do I need to sign a contract?

Do you work teams or only individuals?

I prefer the hybrid approach: working in teams and individually. I think being uncomfortable works best for all parties involved. In order to provide you the best possible service, seeing you function in a group dynamic is just as valuable as speaking with you exclusively. I love working with teams. I love working with individuals. I have a no right-way or wrong-way philosophy on a lot of things, you'll see...

There are no contracts necessary and cancel anytime. I honor your right to your energy and I honor the right to mine. I believe in a higher system of relationship building and being accountable to our own words. If you, or I, decided that this union is not something we want to continue, then we should be able to shake hands and walk away. If our dealings are not healthy, in balance, or making us better people, we should use our energy elsewhere. I believe in the power of choice.


Red hands reaching to share knowledge and care



Having been an elected official, federal operations officer, and community leader for over 12 years now, I've learned many things, pertaining to community building and leadership, and I'm happy to share that knowledge through 1 to 1 sessions.

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The brain full of thoughts and emotions


Join us for online workshops. We cover everything from self assessment, your environment, communication responses, strength building, relationships, and more.

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