Episode 13 | The Day Before All Lives Mattered

Have you ever made decisions in your life, that you knew were going to change your path forever? Have you ever been in love with life and at the same time pulled by the arm towards death? This is a tribal perspective on modern chaos, community heartache, and the social phenomenon of gun violence? If you want to learn something mind shattering…listen right now!

Season 1 is a serial style podcast. So, please listen in ascending order from Episode 1 to Episode 21. If you can listen to the episodes in this order, you’ll appreciate the intended experience.

I compose these podcasts from my heart and memory, and it takes me awhile to get the content the way it needs to be, so thank you for your patience. After you give this episode a listen, if you can please tag this post and share the content with your friends and relatives, I would greatly appreciate it.



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