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Diversity & Inclusion: A Global Healing, Through Tribal Meditation - LUCENTREE


Diversity & Inclusion: A Global Healing, Through Tribal Meditation

Respecting Our Differences

What’s occurring in Reno, is what’s needed in every major city in the world. Like many other city spaces, we have crime, poverty, and human struggle but there’s a beauty in our griminess. Coming together with a specific intention to sit in silence isn’t going to remedy all of our social ills, but I do believe it’s a great start. Change is a coming, I can feel it in my bones, we have the mountains, tall sage brush and a blossoming Indigenous population that’s making itself evermore present. As a tribal person, I never pretend that our lifestyles, social obscurities, and world-views are more important that other groups. I’ve come to understand just how critical it is for the world to her what we have to say. The world has been waiting to hear what’s at the core of the Indigenous mind and heart. Like an imperfect world, we are making things beautiful and kind because it needs to be that way, and we are doing it with the power of meditation.

Bringing People Together

Right now, for BIPOC there is a spiritual newness that is rich with opportunity. The abundance that we seek is not going to come easy, and there will be lots of obstacles we must navigate through, but I can see lessons learned, and diversity being taught all along the road. Today, we have a chance to express ourselves and be authentic to our identity, in ways that our grandparents never got the chance too. Although many of these new arenas are often frightening and culturally foreign, I believe that as BIPOC we must venture outwards, and we need to do it for each other. We have pure magic to offer the world; it would be a shame, to not try to make things better for future generations. I’m optimistic that networks of progress are being formed every day. I know it doesn’t always seem like it, yet it’s happening in small pockets all around the globe. I have faith that meditation is going to be the binder that brings us all together.  

Raising the Global Conscientiousness

If you’re interested in learning something new (and something old), please take a few minutes to watch the latest PBS special (recorded earlier this year), about Mahkwuhoo: Guided Mediation. It may be worth your time to learn about a conceptual Great Basin style of meditation that is making huge waves. If you’re looking for methods of self-care, or at the very least, personal wellness that includes community, then you’re in the right place. This is the optimal time to find out why, you should be integrating this tribal practice: into your community spaces, your wellness studios, your classrooms, and your board rooms. Mahkwuhoo, is an extremely valuable tool to supplement and spiritual regiment. The more we come together, sit together, breathe together, and see and hear each other, the quicker we are at healing this world. If you’re interested in joining a beautiful virtual community, look no further because here it is, and Mahkwuhoo is on the menu!

Coming together with a specific intention to sit in silence isn’t going to remedy all of our social ills, but I do believe it’s a great start.

Brian “BB” Melendez

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American Indian man wearing a black suit with a red shirt and red tie standing in the Nevada desert

Is a Northern / Southern Paiute - Western Shoshone, CEO / Problem Solver of Lucentree, LLC; Tribal Community Leader; American Indian Spirituality Scholar; Practitioner of Great Basin Custom(s) and Culture(s); the Creator or Mahkwuhoo (Guided Meditation); and Host of the Coffee with an Indian, Podcast.

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